Desire paths are unofficial shortcuts that demonstrate how people tend to take the path of least resistance. As software designers, we can learn from urban planners: desire paths are a form of user feedback, and by taking users’ digital “desire paths” into account, we can create better software.

If you’ve ever seen unofficial shortcuts of dirt and flattened grass cutting through hedges or around corners, you’ve seen what urban planners call “desire paths.” …

Every item in your inbox represents some kind of action that you have to take or a decision that you have to make. That’s why we’ve redesigned the inbox to better reflect how people already use email — as an all-in-one to-do list.

Over 4 billion people (roughly half the world’s population) use email, and every day email users send over 300 billion messages—so it’s no surprise that most of us end up spending a lot of time in our email inboxes. …

It’s time for us to embrace the behaviors that are commonly dismissed as “laziness”: not only can laziness help us find the most efficient path forward, it can also lead to greater creativity in problem-solving.

At Twobird, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to spend hours every day sifting through email. That’s why we’ve designed email that allows you to relax a little!

Our lead engineer Garrett Mitchell recently published an article on the power of “laziness” in Fast Company:

Not all inbound communication…

The Doorway Effect is a documented psychological phenomenon that makes it difficult to stay focused when you switch contexts. These daily distractions overwhelmingly come from technology in the form of notifications, pop-ups, and reminders. As software designers, we have a responsibility to design thoughtful products that help rather than hinder productivity.

By Colin Gilboy, Chief Engineer at Ginger Labs

You open your phone with one goal in mind: buy your best friend a birthday gift. You intend to open Etsy and search for that style of vintage lamp that you had been discussing with him. But as you unlock your phone…

Why the team behind Notability reimagined email for modern communication and live collaboration.

People have a natural tendency to seek the path of least resistance. This is visible in the eroded shortcuts in green spaces; empty stairways near congested escalators, or the boom in delivery service businesses.

We all want to do things efficiently, especially amidst a backdrop of an increasingly complex digital…

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