How to embrace the power of laziness

It’s time for us to embrace the behaviors that are commonly dismissed as “laziness”: not only can laziness help us find the most efficient path forward, it can also lead to greater creativity in problem-solving.

At Twobird, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to spend hours every day sifting through email. That’s why we’ve designed email that allows you to relax a little!

Our lead engineer Garrett Mitchell recently published an article on the power of “laziness” in Fast Company:

Not all inbound communication is equally important, but the notifications on our phones and in our inboxes are equally intrusive, which can make every message feel equally important, even when it isn’t. You might think that taking in and retaining every single piece of new information will make you feel more secure, but doing so can ultimately create stress commensurate with that amount of extra effort.

Read more over at Fast Company.

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